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Light as feather, yet unbreakable as adamant, Asanti luxury wheels are available in more than 60 design solutions and in numerous combinations of colors. Being among the most versatile brands ever existing, Asanti delivers such industry-leading offers as chrome wheels and black rims, as well as exclusive products featuring custom colors. And we’ve gathered all of the options for you. A myriad of finishes and the largest selection of sizes, including classy 20-inch and 22-inch Asanti rims, are at your fingertips. Our chrome wheels mesmerize with their mirror-like shine, while black wheels fascinate as darkness of the outer space. And for those who accept nothing but the most unique products, Asanti wheels are available in custom colors. They can be color matched to your vehicle or to your mood. Even the sky is not the limit when it comes to customization of your vehicle.

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